Human beings have received God’s abundant gifts of intelligence to greatly improve living conditions and productivity. Yet many people still lack the basic needs owing to various faults, while people have become increasingly busy. One can find little security in the turmoil of economy often inflicted with high jobless rate and in societies with numerous conflicts and terrorism. Meanwhile moral values are twisted and families are broken. Yet the unfathomable love of Jesus truly present in the Eucharist continues to invite each and every one. Beginning slowly to take time to adoration since 1996 even out of a very busy life, the speaker had personally witnessed this miraculous gift which continues the sweet moment of the sacrament in the liturgy and which has fundamentally changed his daily life at mass, in the family, and at work. The witnesses from these life-changing experiences have encouraged many people to commit to adoration, so that their parishes have experienced increased participation in adoration and are able to either start regular adoration or increase the existing hours of adoration.


to help more people to experience Eucharist.

to help parishes to start Eucharistic adoration

to help parishes to strengthen existing perpetual adoration

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Different formats

Each visit to a parish includes: (1) short (5min) witness at end of mass; (2) full day with adoration with/without overnight adoration

However at conferences, they may be multiple (up to 3) sessions of 1-hour talks

The longer timeslot enables deeper experience with Jesus. The short 5 minute talk at the end of mass can reach out to a larger number of people, but does not have enough time to go any deeper. Nevertheless, past experiences show that the short witness after mass is also very effective to bring a larger audience to the longer talk afterwards.

Customarily, promoting and teaching on Eucharistic adoration is a long term process involving a series of events held over separate days. Typically, a visitor may give a 20 minutes talk, which is followed by an hour of adoration. The individual is strengthened step-by-step over the successive events so that perpetual adoration may be established, and then the visitor may leave and go to help other parishes.

The long talk is effectively the totality of a series of 8 20-minute talks covering from a to z but condensed into one long session in situations when the speaker can only visit the town for a short time to pay a one-time visit to the parish.

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Full day program

3.5 hours (e.g., 8:30am-12) in the morning, if mass is celebrated early in the morning. Otherwise 3 hours with 2 sessions of sharing in the morning including 20 minute break
3 hours (e.g., 1-4pm) in the afternoon, for 2 sessions of sharing with 20-minute break, speaking to Jesus as one is looking forwarding to perpetual adoration, blessing/laying of hands by priest, putting into practice

Witness presentation will provide personal witness as well as a comprehensive explanation from why Eucharistic adoration is essential, obstacles to encounter and how to overcome them, several different ways to spend an intimate hour with Jesus, practical guidelines, and witnesses of changes in life.

Adoration with Exposition of Eucharist:
Eucharist is exposed for the whole day. Participants will voluntarily take 30-minute turns to adore Jesus, on a kneeler may be placed in the front right in front of Jesus, and may put on altar service garment.
All will spend a holy hour together with benedication to close the day.

Confession (with priests available) is available during the break in the morning, during lunch break, break in the afternoon, during closing holy hour. However with the limited time available on the day, confession beforehand is advisable.

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Contents of the full 3 hour presentation

(1) Why is Eucharistic adoration especially important in our time. (2) Fatima messages. (3) Commitment even in my weaknesses. (4) Commitment of love and the greater pearl. (5) Sweetness and obstacles in accompanying Jesus. (6) Heart of the church with St. Therese. (7) Eucharist Experience Eucharist at mass. (8) Could you not watch one hour with me? (9) Mother, may I borrow your Immaculate Heart! (10)Silent Adoration. (11)Q and A.

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Sample witness/sharing online

30 min Witness on ShalomWorld TV

1 hour conference presentation at Dallas Ministry conference

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Anthony Chan (PhD, Univ of Maryland, College Park) had spent 15 years in research at the former AT&T Bell Labs. He then began witnessing God’s gift in science and technology to counteract the ingratitude and misuse of gifts today. He moved to South Africa in 2003 to work as a professor at University of Cape Town to help the Africans bridge the Digital Divide and develop but also appreciate God’s gift of Intelligence. Despite his busy life, he invests time for an intimate relationship with Jesus through regular adoration, which enriches his daily life. Anthony is brought up in a Catholic family, and his brother is a priest. He has played numerous lay leader roles for the past 40 years, and has been attending daily mass since year 2000. After moving back to US in 2007 to continue his research career, he helps various churches to promote Eucharistic adoration by giving witnesses and communicating with 6000 people through emails. In his profession, he is a Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE), a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Communication Society, an Hon Prof of Univ of Hong Kong and of HongKong Polytechnic Univ, with his professional website and his webminstry website.

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If you are interested to host this event in your parish or church organization, please contact the speaker.

Verification letter from speaker's pastor will be provided upon request. If approval is needed in your diocese, verification of safety environment training of speaker from home Diocese is always available. The procedure is usually for your parish priest to initiate that request.

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Suggestions to Host/Organizer:

The following suggestions are provided beforehand to avoid rush in the last minute. They are suggestions only based on prior experiences. Decisions on all the arrangements are left to the host.

check list

a computer projector and a screen or wall to project slides, or a large TV.
long cable between laptop and computer projector
tall table to place speaker's laptop
microphone and loud speaker
power plug for speaker's laptop, extension cord if needed
clock that speaker can see during the talk
sign-up sheet

setting of the room

The usual setting is to have a screen (or wall) in a front of audience. It may be placed in the center so that everyone can see.

A computer projector is also in the center facing the screen.

Presenter stands in front but at a side (not the center) so as not to block the view of the audience to watch the screen.

Speaker stand throughout the sharing. In order to be able to read the slides from the laptop, the laptop needs to be placed high enough (such as on a podium, on a tall table, or on boxes on top of a table).

Because presenter is standing to a side, the cable between the projector and the laptop may not be long enough. Standard cables are either 10 feet or 25 feet. The 25 feet cable is desirable but if you only have a 10 feet cable, please let presenter know beforehand whether to bring a connector to connect two cables together.

A mic is needed. Speaking loud for long hours for many talks is not easy for the throat to handle. A wireless mic is preferred so that the speaker may free up the hand to operate the laptop and use the the mouse as a pointer.

Please feel free to make recording (no restriction) so that it may be available to those who has schedule conflict.

sign up sheet

A sign up sheet is provided to receive the slides and to regularly receive meditations on Eucharist. The sign up sheet is attached in a separate email. In addition, the audience may also sign up to indicate they are interested in coming to adoration in future. While the church may use this list in organizing adoration in future, the presenter uses this mailing list to send the presentation materials and to follow-up with meditations on Eucharist to the participants afterward. They can write down their email address, but the presenter is often unable to read many of the hand writting properly afterwards. It is preferred that they can directly enter their email address into a computer as shown in the separate example file. For those who did not sign up beforehand, they may sign up before the talk or during the talk. Presenter will be busy during the talk. Please have a volunteer to help with the signup.

before sharing starts

For those who arrive early, a slide show of saints' quotes on Eucharist may begin 20-30 minutes before the sharing. In the past, people may find these slides helpful so that they are encouraged to settle down early.

Speaker usually arrive about 30 minutes early to help with the setup, to connect the laptop to the projector to make sure they are all working. The quotes of the saints are then started showing on the screen. These quotes are NOT part of the sharing, but are shown before the sharing for those people who arrive early to read/meditate before the sharing begins.

Speaker may then pray in the chapel if there is enough time, and start the sharing on-time.

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Past witness presentations

given at different parishes in over 50 cities/towns

United States:

Dallas: Eucharist Conference (Dallas) 2017; University of Dallas Ministry Conference, 2013, 2014; Queen of Peace parish.
Houston: Ascension Church.
Los Angeles: St. Bridget Church; St. Thomas Aquinas Church; Cerritos CCA; Orange County CCA.
Fullerton, California: Pro Sanctity Spirituality Center.
San Diego: Chinese Catholic Community.
San Jose: St. Clare's Church.
Oakland: St. Leo's Church.
San Francisco: Old St Mary Cathedral;
New Jersey: St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral; Our Lady of Mount Virgin Church.
New York City: Transfiguration Church.
Brooklyn: St. Rosalia Church.
Philadelphia: Holy Redeemer church.
Honolulu: Sts Damien and Marian Cope Conference 2017; Star of the sea church; Our Lady of Good Counsel church.
Georgia: Atlanta Chinese Catholic Association.
Florida: Miami Archdiocese Chinese Catholics Association.
Chicago: St. Therese Church.


Vancouver: Canadian Martyrs Church; St. Francis Xavier Parish; Corpus Christi Church.
Montreal: Legion of Mary; Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission; Legion of Mary in Montreal.
Ottawa: Chinese Catholic Community.
Toronto: Mississauga Savior of the World Church; Fountain of Love and Life; St. Agnes Tsao Church.


Kuala Lumpur: Mustard Seed Evangelization Center; St Ignatius Church; St. Thomas More Church.
Johor Baharu: St. Joseph Church.




Paris: Paroisse Chinoise.
London: Upton Park Our Lady of Compassion Parish; Bethnal Green Our Lady of Assumption Church; Chinese Catholic Center.


Sydney: Regina Coeli Church; Australia CCC; St Monica at Paramatha

Sudan, Africa:

Khartoum, Sudan: a seminary and a church;

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa: Our Lady of Perpetual Help; Good Shepherd; St. Michaels;
Johannesburg, South Africa: St. Augustine’s;
Pretoria, South Africa: Christ the King;

Zambia, Africa:

Lusaka: St. Ignatius;
Kitwe: Jesuit House Leadership Center; Copperbelt Univ campus ministry

Mainland China:

Beijing: Beijing School of Theology; China Catholic School of Theology; Lay people Theology Class; ShiJjingShan Church; XiZhiMen Our Lady of Carmel Church; XiHuLin Immaculate Conception Church; Xishiku North Church Couples for Christ; Huángzhuāngdōng zhèngfúsì Christ the King Catholic Church; PingFang church.
Hebei: Yanjiao church; Renqiu Church;
Shijiazhuan: HeBei Theology Seminary, Benedict Village church; Baoding: Tiangezhuang;
XingTai: Sacred Heart of Jesus church.
TianJin: Xikai Church, XiuHanCun Church.
TaiYuan: FengXi church.
Shanghai: Pudong Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish; Cai Ja Wan Immaculate Heart of Mary Church; Kim Ja Han Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church; St. Peter’s Church; St. Francis Xavier’s Church; DaGongSuo Church; Assumption Church; Seven Sorrows of Mary Church.
Taicang church.
Nantong: Langshan Our Lady of Lourde Church, QiDong XiShi church.
NingBo: Assumption church, Sacred Heart church.
HangZhou: Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church.
Chengdu: Our Lay of Immaculate Conception Church.
Xi’an: St. Francis Xavier Church.


Taiwan FuJen Catholic University School of Theology.
Taipei: Trinity Church; Cursilo Movement; Sacred Heart Church; Guting Sacred Heart of Jesus church; Holy family Church;
TaoYuan: Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.

Hong Kong:

St. Anthony’s; St. Margaret’s; Holy Cross; TsimShaTsui Rosary; Notre Dame; Mary Help of Christians; St. Bonaventure; St. Teresa’s; St. John Paul II Formation Centre Eucharistic Oblate for the Vulnerable; Pastoral centre for Handicapped; Renewal in Holy Spirit Community; Living Water Centre; Tsuen Wan Ss. Cosmas and Damian; Tsuen Wan Annunciation; Ping Chau Queen of Peace; Divine Mercy prayer group; Medjugorje prayer group; Youth Eucharistic adoration group; Queen of Angels parish.

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