Eucharistic Adoration Marathon to save our people

Adore Jesus to overcome anger and use of violence with the sacrificial love of Jesus in the Eucharist

Desperately need the love of Jesus to heal

Anger and violence can only cause more anger and violence. Adore Jesus to experience His love and humility in the Eucharist to give people strength to love.

Violence seriously hurts the body and soul of everyone. The wounds are very deep, and anger and violence definitively cannot heal them. Adore Jesus to experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus in His Passion to heal us.


When the voice of people in Hong Kong against passing an extradition law was unanswered, it escalated to a historically large scale peaceful marches on June 9 and 16.

Numerous demonstrations have taken place in different places since then with a number of demands, including the establishment of an independent committee to investigate the violence. While the consensus among the participants in every march have been being peaceful, sensible, and non-violent, some individuals were not able to strictly follow these principles and angered the Police. On the other hand, the alleged excessive and perhaps discriminate use of violence by the police would anger the public. After a demonstration has finished, sometimes some people overstayed, and sometimes some people vandalize to express their anger. As police sometimes exercise excessive violence to chase after them, misunderstanding, anger and confrontation between people and police are unfortunately escalating.

The anger and violence reached so high that when people were taking subway to return home after a demonstration on July 21, rod-wielding mob dress in white at the Yuen Long subway station beat passengers indiscriminately, injuring at least 45. Since then, anger and violence continue to further escalate.

Prayer intentions

One may offer an hour to accompany Jesus for each of the following example intentions:

  1. for peace and true peace in the heart of everyone;
  2. for holistic healing for the injured, especially the innocent;
  3. for repair as the society is being torn apart;
  4. for police to have the wisdom to act responsibly;
  5. for government to be of humble service to the people;
  6. for protection in every march to be peaceful, sensible and non-violent;
  7. for conversion of those who had stirred anger or played violence;
  8. for an impartial and independent legal system serving people with love and justice, which holds violence actors responsible legally without returning violence against them;
  9. for repentance and just law for those who purposely stirred up anger;
  10. for light to discern truth and to pacify all hatred;
  11. for the deceased and their families.

The violence in Hong Kong shows how desperate human beings are in need of healing. Each of us also needs healing in many other ways. There may be misunderstanding, hurt, in many ways in family, at work, in school, and in the society.

As one prays for peace and healing in Hong Kong, one may also pray for healing for ourselves, for our family members and friends, and for one's country.

How can your parish participate

Parish may organize any Saturday Overnight Eucharistic Adoration to pray for protection, healing and reconciliation during August 3 to October 13, 2019. Overnight adoration (or exposition at any other time of the week) will enable parishioner to visit the Lord.

An intimate hour with Jesus in silence

Parishioners take turn to spend an hour to join the angels to adore Jesus in the Eucharist, during which one communicates directly with Jesus heart to heart. As you meet Jesus face to face in front of the exposed Eucharist, you can freely tell Jesus anything including your feeling, your joy, your pain, your plan, your worries, your hurt. Make sure you spend quiet time to listen to Jesus speaking to your heart. Thank Jesus for His love and healing, and tell Jesus how much you love Him especially as the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist is mostly returned with ingratitude.

You may check this website with the link "An Hour with Jesus" above on some recommended meditations to adore Jesus.

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