Day 5

Prayer Before Each Visit to the Most Blessed Sacrament

My Lord Jesus Christ who, because of your immense love for humanity, remain day and night in this Sacrament, awaiting, calling, and welcoming all those who come to visit you, I believe that you are present here, I adore you in the abyss of my nothingness, and I thank you for having given yourself to me in this Sacrament, for having given me your Most Holy Mother Mary, as my advocate, and for having called me to visit you in this church.

Today greet your beloved heart, and I intend to greet it for three reasons. Firstly, in thanksgiving for this great gift. Secondly, to make amends for all the offences which you receive in this Sacrament. Thirdly, I intend in this visit to adore you in all the places of the earth where you are most abandoned.

My Jesus, I love you with all my heart. I repent for having so often offended your infinite goodness. With your grace, I resolve never to offend you again in the future; and at present, unworthy as I am, I consecrate myself entirely to you, I give you my affections and everything I possess. From this day on, do with me all that you please. I ask only for your holy love, for perseverance to the end of my life and for the perfect fulfillment of your will. I commend to you the souls of Purgatory, especially all those most devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Most Holy. I commend to you all poor sinners. I unite all my feelings to those of your most beloved heart, and thus united, I offer them to your eternal Father and I pray to him to accept them and to satisfy them out of love for you. Amen.

Visit to the Blessed Sacrament

The sparrow has found herself a house, and the swallow, a nest for herself, where she may lay her young: your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God!” (Ps. 84, 3.)

The sparrow, says David, finds a dwelling in houses; swallows in nests; but You, my king and my God, have made Yourself a nest and found a dwelling on earth, on our altars, that we might find You, and that You might dwell among us.

Lord, we cannot but say, that You are too much enamored of men; You no longer know what to do to gain their love. But You, my most amiable Jesus, give us the grace that we also may be passionately enamored of You. It would indeed be unreasonable were we cold in our love towards a God who loves us with such affection. Draw us to You by the sweet attractions of Your love; make us understand the endearing claims which You have on our love.

O infinite Majesty and infinite Goodness, You love men so much, You have done so much that You might be loved by men: how is it, then, that among men there are so few who love You? I will no longer be as I have hitherto been, of the unhappy number of those ungrateful creatures: I am resolved to love You as much as I can, and to love no other than You: You deserve it; You command me with so much earnestness to do so, I am resolved to satisfy You. Grant, O God of my soul, that I may fully satisfy You. I entreat You to grant me this favor by the merits of Your Passion, and I confidently hope for it. Bestow the goods of the earth on those who desire them; I desire and seek the great treasure of Your love alone. I love You, my Jesus; I love You, infinite Goodness. You are all my riches, my whole satisfaction, my entire love.

Ejaculation. My Jesus, You have given Your whole self to me; I give my whole self to You!

Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe You are truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You more than anything in the world, and I hunger to feed on Your flesh. But since I cannot receive Communion at this moment, feed me at least spiritually. I unite myself to You now as I do when I actually receive You. Never let me drift away from You. Amen.

Visit to the Blessed Virgin Mary

My Lady, St. Bernard calls you “the ravisher of hearts.” [Med. in Salve Reg.] He says that you go about stealing hearts by the charms of your beauty and goodness. Steal also my heart and will, I beseech you: I give them wholly to you: offer them to God with your own.

Ejaculation. Mother most amiable, pray for me!

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary After the Visit

Most holy Immaculate Virgin and my Mother Mary, to you who are the Mother of my Lord, the Queen of the world, the advocate, the hope, and the refuge of sinners, I have recourse today, I who am the most miserable of all. I render you my most humble homage, 0 great Queen, and I thank you for all the graces you have conferred on me until now, particularly for having delivered me from hell, which I have so often deserved.

I love you, 0 most amiable Lady; and for the love which I bear you, I promise to serve you always, and to do all in my power to make others love you also. I place in you all my hopes; I confide my salvation to your care.

Accept me for your servant, and receive me under your mantle, 0 Mother of Mercy. And since you are so powerful with God, deliver me from all temptations; or rather obtain for me the strength to triumph over them until death. Of you I ask a perfect love for Jesus Christ.

Through you I hope to die a good death. 0 my Mother, by the love which you bear to God, I beseech you to help me at all times, especially at the last moment of my life. Leave me not, I beseech you, until you see me safe in heaven, blessing you, and singing your mercies for all eternity. Amen. So I hope. So may it be.

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